Malagari celebrates $5.2 million in funding for water and sewer upgrades

LANSDALE, Dec. 19 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, announced nine grants from the Commonwealth Financing Authority have been awarded for water, sewer, and stormwater management improvements in his legislative district.

"The approval of nine grants that will bring over $5 million to our district showcases our commitment to strategic development in Montgomery County," said Malagari. "These investments will notably improve the responsible management of our water supply and wastewater systems, ensuring a resilient and thriving community. This significant funding reinforces our dedication to a sustainable future for our district."

H20 PA Grants:

  • $1,637,600 for upgrades to the WWTP blower and aeration system in Lansdale Borough.
  • $1,125,660 for a sewer extension project projected to serve 120 residential properties located in Franconia Township.
  • $936,740 to install a new UV disinfection facility at the Eureka WWTP in Montgomery Township.
  • $306,894 for the continuation of ongoing sewer repair and rehabilitation work within Hatfield Borough.
  • $268,025 for the extension of sanitary sewer service along County Line Road located in Franconia and West Rockhill Townships.

Small Water and Sewer Grants:

  • $498,550 to replace a storm sewer in Hatfield Borough.
  • $196,000 to install improved security systems around the Eureka WWTP in Montgomery Township.     
  • $160,000 for storm water improvements located in Hatfield Township.
  • $146,000 for several improvements to its runoff conveyance infrastructure at the Franklin Alley Swale in Telford Borough.

The H2O PA Grant Program provides for single-year and multi-year grants for the construction of drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer projects; the construction or renovation of flood control projects; and the repair or rehabilitation of high-hazard unsafe dams.

The Small Water and Sewer Program funds activities to assist with the construction, improvement, expansion, or rehabilitation or repair of a water supply system, sanitary sewer system, and storm sewer system projects.