Pennsylvania Takes a Step Towards Modernization: Bill Allowing Electronic Fuel Oil Delivery Receipts Moves Forward

LANSDALE, Dec. 18 – Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, announced his bill aimed at ushering in electronic receipts for light fuel oil deliveries was successfully reported out of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward implementation.

The proposed legislation, the idea of which was brought to Malagari’s attention directly by a local business, aims to reconcile Pennsylvania's requirement for printed delivery tickets in the light fuel oil industry, aligning it with electronic billing trends adopted by other utilities and eliminating a barrier to industry modernization and eco-friendly practices.

Malagari emphasized the importance of this move beyond mere technological upgrades.

"We're at a point where progress and responsibility walk hand in hand. This legislation isn't just about going green, it's about streamlining processes, cutting costs and boosting accuracy for both consumers and distributors alike."

The bill aims to update rules, allowing electronic receipts for light fuel oil deliveries where distributors have the technology and customer consent, while maintaining the choice for printed receipts at no extra cost to consumers. These electronic tickets will replicate all essential information found in printed receipts, safeguarding vendor and delivery details.

"By supporting this legislation, you're not just backing a change in regulations, you're standing for progress, for innovation, and for a Pennsylvania that's at the forefront of responsible modernization," Malagari added.

The bill moves forward for full House consideration.