Malagari welcomes $1 million grant for Discover Lansdale project

LANSDALE, Oct. 26 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, today announced $1,017,868 million has been awarded to Discover Lansdale for the rehabilitation of the historic Reading Railroad Freight House.

“Lansdale’s history is deeply tied to the rail line that runs through it,” Malagari said. “Restoring the Freight House is more than just historic preservation, it is about protecting and honoring what makes this town unique.”

The $1 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant is designated for the repair and rehabilitation of the historic Reading Railroad Freight House. Included in the repairs is the renovation of the shipping office area, along with the installation of showcases for rotating exhibits.

The parking lot will be updated with utility services including service connections to the freight house building, stormwater improvements, concrete curbing, sidewalks, paving, lighting, landscaping, striping, ADA parking and ADA-accessible routes.

Malagari said that Discover Landale has worked tirelessly to save this distinctive building from ruins and its volunteers have devoted countless hours of labor to its restoration. He said that the successful completion of this project would be a victory not just for them, but for all the residents of Lansdale who will reap the economic, social, and educational benefits that the restored use of this building will bring.