Malagari thanks Wolf for limited reopening of restaurants in Yellow Phase

LANSDALE, May 27 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, today praised Gov. Tom Wolf’s latest announcement of additional guidance on dining during the Yellow and Green phases and more details on personal care services, like hair salons and barbershops operating in the Green Phase. Malagari and several other members worked closely with the governor to clarify these guidelines.

"I worked closely with several other members to call on the governor to rethink his Yellow Phase guidelines, and he has listened to our concerns and is taking action,” Malagari said. “We know that we can eat outdoors without fear and should be able to do so. I was happy to see a more clarified process of reopening defined for our dining establishments and a light at the end of the tunnel for hair salons and barbershops. I know how much our small-business owners want to get back to work, and I will continue to ensure that we do so quickly, while still following the mitigation guidelines in place to keep us safe. Safety measures and guidelines will need to be met in order to reopen. I will continue to work with the governor on a safe reopening strategy." 

Malagari signed onto a letter written by Rep. Joe Ciresi and also signed by Reps. Christina Sappey, Tina Davis, Dave Delloso, Jennifer O’Mara, Dan Williams, Danilo Burgos, Tim Briggs, Melissa Shusterman and Austin Davis in calling for these changes. The letter was also accompanied by proposed safety guidelines for barbershops.

For more information contact Malagari’s office at (267) 768-3671.