Malagari applauds investments in Wolf's budget

Malagari applauds investment in education, workforce development, protections for vulnerable populations and an increased minimum wage

HARRISBURG, Feb. 4 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, released the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed 2020-21 budget unveiled today:

“Wolf continues to take a bold stance on raising the state’s minimum wage. This stalled in Harrisburg after last year’s address, and the question remains: Will there be any movement this year to help the working class?

“Workforce development is a key part to drive a building economy in Pennsylvania. Both sides of the aisle agree on this, and I’m hopeful a timely budget will bring family-sustaining jobs and job training opportunities back to our community.

“I applaud increases to education funding and measures to provide a living salary to teachers. We absolutely need to keep making sure our youngest Pennsylvanians get the education they deserve, while lessening the reliance on increasing local property taxes.

“Protecting vulnerable populations is imperative. Let’s keep Montgomery County’s TransNet community transportation services working the way they should, and let’s invest more into service for intellectual disabilities and autism support.”