Daley celebrates passed budget, education increases for Colonial and Lower Merion school districts

HARRISBURG, July 7 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, applauds the $714 million increase for education funding in the bipartisan budget that passed the Pa. House, and once signed by the Pa. Senate, heads to the governor with no tax increases.

“The passage of this budget is a step forward, but let us be clear, this is only the beginning,” Daley said. “While we celebrate these increases to education funding, we have an obligation to address the challenges that plague our great state. This includes fulfilling our obligation to deliver a high-quality public education to all students, no matter their ZIP code. All schools, their students, faculty, and staff deserve support to give our children the best chance to succeed.

“Beyond education, there is much more work to be done. We’ve fought hard in the Pennsylvania House to pass a minimum wage increase, commonsense gun safety measures, and the Fairness Act to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination. It’s time to use our budget surplus to invest in crumbling infrastructure, improve access to affordable healthcare, and propel renewable energy forward to protect our environment and open green spaces. Let’s build a Pennsylvania that leaves no one behind and creates opportunities for all.”

More information on this budget is available by contacting Daley’s district office at 610-832-1679.