PA Women’s Health Caucus applauds defeat of anti-abortion constitutional amendment by Kansas voters

HARRISBURG, Aug. 3 – The co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Women’s Health Caucus today applauded the people of Kansas who yesterday defeated a constitutional amendment that would have curtailed abortion rights in their state.

WHC co-chairs Sens. Amanda Cappelletti and Judy Schwank and Reps. Morgan Cephas and Mary Jo Daley issued the following statement on behalf of the caucus:

“We applaud the people of Kansas who took to the polls to defeat a constitutional amendment that would remove freedom over their bodies.

“Let this be a warning to those who voted in the dead of night to move forward a ‘No Right to Abortion’ constitutional amendment in Pennsylvania: you can try to do an end-around a pro-choice governor, but you cannot do an end-around the voters.

“This victory in Kansas shows the power collective action has in defeating these minority-held, antifreedom policies. We hope this wakeup call will deter the Pennsylvania constitutional amendment from receiving a vote next session, and we can instead focus on legislation that would actually help our constituents like increasing the minimum wage, requiring paid family leave, and requiring insurance coverage for contraceptives.”

Prior to adjourning for the summer, the Pennsylvania House and Senate passed legislation that would put a similar constitutional amendment on Pennsylvania’s ballot. Under Pennsylvania’s constitution, the legislation would have to pass again in the 2023-24 legislative session before the question goes to voters.