Cephas, Daley applaud health and safety grant for St. Joseph’s University

HARRISBURG, Aug. 5 – State Reps. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., and Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, cheered a public health and safety grant awarded this week to Saint Joseph’s University.

The university, located in both Philadelphia and Lower Merion, is receiving $93,192 in grant funds to be used toward resuming educational operations this fall. The funding will be used to help keep students, faculty and staff safe and assist in meeting the unique challenges of providing education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is vitally important to our area that economic engines like Saint Joseph’s University continue to operate as close to normal as possible,” said Cephas, whose 192nd Legislative District covers the Philadelphia section of St. Joe’s. “These funds will allow them to provide their exceptional education while keeping students, staff and faculty safe from potential coronavirus exposure. I want to thank Governor Wolf for ensuring that students are able to continue their education with a measured, practical approach to COVID-19 mitigation.”

A total of $28 million in funding was announced by Wolf for Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions and adult basic education providers. The money was made available through the federal CARES Act, with distribution of funds based on enrollment, socioeconomic factors and more.

“Whether the classrooms are virtual or in-person, it’s crucial for so many reasons that our educational opportunities continue through this pandemic,” said Daley, whose 148th Legislative District covers parts of Lower Merion. “The grants for Saint Joseph’s and other institutions across the state are an investment to ensure safe, collective progress toward a better tomorrow, not just for individuals but for our entire state.”

The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief funds can be used for purchasing protective equipment, hand sanitizer and cleaning products, equipment or technology to take classrooms online, installation of barriers or other protective devices in building structures, or to purchase health apps to assist in contact tracing and health monitoring of students.