Fiedler, Daley introduce plan to help childcare centers survive COVID-19 pandemic

HARRISBURG, April 8 While child care centers remain closed across the commonwealth to combat the spread of COVID-19, state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler (D-Phila.) and Mary Jo Daley (D-Montgomery) are introducing legislation to help Pennsylvania’s childcare centers and workers weather this crisis.

A recent survey found nearly one-third of the 605 childcare providers who serve more than 44,000 children in Pennsylvania would not be able to reopen if their facilities are closed for more than a month.

Fiedler, the mother of two young children said: "Right now to help save lives, we need to stay home if we can. So many working families, including my own, rely on quality childcare in our community to educate and care for our children. We need to act now, so that when our families go back to work, childcare centers and workers will have their doors open, ready to care for our state’s children.”

Fiedler and Daley’s plan would provide:

  • Funding for childcare centers to cover costs, including payroll, benefits, utilities and loss of tuition payments associated with COVID-19 closure.
  • Resources for Pre-K and Head Start, allowing these programs to extend into the summer and alleviate early childhood learning losses for students. 

"The closing of childcare centers was among the many difficult decisions made by our governor in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but I believe it was the correct decision," explained Daley. "That said, as childcare is an absolutely critical service for so many working moms, dads and guardians, it is essential we take steps to ensure childcare centers survive this pandemic. That is why we are introducing this legislation."

The Pennsylvania Health Department continues to offer regular updates on COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. For the latest on the number of cases, plus information on prevention and preparation, residents should visit