Daley helps promote Highway Safety Law Awareness Week

CONSHOHOCKEN, Feb. 14 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, is helping promote the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Law Awareness Week, which runs from Feb. 16-21.

Daley, a member of the group Families for Safe Streets in Greater Philadelphia, was also a co-sponsor of bipartisan H.B. 1536, which passed the House 191-4 earlier this month.

House Bill 1536 would define the term “Vulnerable Highway User” as a pedestrian or person on roller skates, inline skates, a skateboard, motor-driven cycle, motorcycle, pedalcycle, motorized pedalcycle, an animal, an animal-drawn vehicle, a farm vehicle or a wheelchair.

It would also increase penalties for a person convicted of reckless or careless driving that results in either the death, serious bodily injury or bodily injury of a Vulnerable Highway User.

“The health and safety of vulnerable highway users is clearly of critical importance, which is why we just passed H.B. 1536 by an overwhelming majority,” Daley said. “I’m grateful to PennDOT for highlighting other crucial laws that are designed to make our roadways safer for everybody, and I’m happy to help promote the message.”

While H.B. 1536 still needs to pass the Senate before being signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf, PennDOT is highlighting other laws already on the books for its awareness week.

They include: