Letter to Justice Saylor asking to suspend evictions

(Mar 18, 2020)

Letter to Chief Justice Saylor asking to expand a directive in Pennsylvania to include all foreclosures and evictions, beyond those processed through HUD. Read more


Isaacson, Lee to introduce legislation to stop evictions during pandemic

(Mar 17, 2020)

HARRISBURG, March 17 — As Pennsylvania mobilizes to confront the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, state Reps. Mary Isaacson and Summer Lee are moving to introduce legislation that would halt eviction proceedings across the commonwealth, giving families one measure of security in the rapidly evolving crisis. “Vulnerable workers need our protection now. During a state of disaster emergency due to an epidemic or pandemic, being unemployed, losing a job or being unable to search for a job is stressful enough,” Isaacson said. “Workers so affected should not have the added burden of fearing for the loss of their home. “It is our responsibility as representatives to protect our workers, especially under the extraordinary circumstances arising when a state of disaster emergency is declared in the commonwealth.” The duo’s legislation would provide an exemption from eviction for workers who are unemployed, separated from their employment or unable to find employment when an epidemic or pandemic requires the Governor to declare a state of disaster emergency. Landlords in violation will face penalties. “We can’t close schools but discourage paid family leave. And we cannot encourage businesses to close and folks to lose a paycheck if their homes will be taken from them. That’s why as part of our shared response to the coronavirus we’re calling for a halt to eviction Read more


Miller, ACHDD seek to support school districts, families, first responders and small businesses during outbreak

(Mar 13, 2020)

HARRISBURG, March 13 – State Rep. Dan Miller, chairman of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation, and fellow ACHDD members on Friday announced their legislative priorities to support Pennsylvania during the coronavirus outbreak, including the need to support low-income and working-class families without paid family leave or the ability to work from home. Miller, as well as state Reps. Austin Davis, Dan Deasy, Tony DeLuca, House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody, Dan Frankel, Ed Gainey, Sara Innamorato, Bill Kortz, Anita Kulik, Summer Lee, Brandon Markosek, Adam Ravenstahl, Harry Readshaw and Jake Wheatley issued the following statement in response to Friday’s statewide school closure: “The delegation, first and foremost, wants to be supportive of the school districts during this time. It is clear that both they and the governor are motivated by an abundance of concern for the health and safety of both their students and staff. We respect their decision and will work to support their needs in Harrisburg. However, while the closure may have been a necessary step, it is not without its subsequent challenges -- and those challenges must be addressed by the legislature. “At a minimum, in order to help people across Pennsylvania, Harrisburg should prioritize the following items for discussion and vote: Paid family leave legislation. Emergency funding for childcare support. Assistance for Read more


Lee: Grants to help local historical organizations

(Mar 05, 2020)

State representative announces funding, part of commitment to local community Read more


Miss my Tele-Town Hall? Click Here to Listen!

(Feb 14, 2020)

Find out what your friends and neighbors had to say about the issues that matter to our community. Read more


PLBC urges Judicial Conduct Review Board to investigate Allegheny County judge

(Feb 12, 2020)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 12 – Following Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Mark Tranquilli being reassigned on Tuesday to summary appeals after allegedly calling a Black female juror “Aunt Jemima” and making other racist remarks toward her, members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus are now urging the Judicial Conduct Review Board to investigate. Leading the effort are PLBC members representing Allegheny County, who condemned Tranquilli’s comments as another manifestation of a broken criminal justice system that systemically targets black and brown people. “The alleged comments made by Judge Mark Tranquilli are alarming on multiple fronts,” said state Rep. Austin Davis, who represents the 35 th Legislative District in Allegheny County. “On one hand we have an individual tasked with upholding the law to the highest extent but who clearly harbors bias and judgment toward defendants before a verdict is even reached. On the other hand, we have a judge who harbors an even stronger bias toward people of color, both of which are a recipe for disaster and an injustice to our community. I’m calling on the Judicial Conduct Review Board to do a thorough investigation into this matter.” State Rep. Edward C. Gainey, who represents the 24 th Legislative District, also in Allegheny County, echoed similar sentiments. “Our society is based on the belief that justice is blind – that regardless of race, color Read more


Lee: As governor proposes progressive budget, silence from conservatives

(Feb 04, 2020)

Braddock representative calls for action on critical issues, despite apparent conservative indifference Read more


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(Jan 29, 2020)

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Woodland Hills, Pittsburgh to receive $70,000 for tech in schools

(Jan 17, 2020)

Grants will help expand computer science programs, teacher training Read more


2019 Winter Newslettter

(Dec 19, 2019)

Catch up with the latest news from Harrisburg and our communities! Read more


In Edgewood, two busy intersections to be subject of safety study

(Dec 17, 2019)

The study will look for low-cost safety improvements at Maple and McKelvey Avenue and Swissvale Avenue and Race Street in Edgewood Read more


2019-20 Pennsylvania Grant & Resource Directory

(Dec 04, 2019)

This is a free resource that provides a general overview of state government programs along with deadline and contact information. Read more


Legislator, staff issue open letter to community in wake of Pittsburgh attack

(Sep 26, 2019)

As protests and cries of condemnation continue on the heels of a shocking assaults of two women outside a Pittsburgh-area gas station, state Rep. Summer Lee and her staff wrote an open letter to the community, imploring that readers examine the historical context and underlying issues of the assault. Read more


Rep. Lee and staff's open letter to the people of Pittsburgh

(Sep 26, 2019)

State Rep. Summer Lee and her staff wrote an open letter to the community, imploring that readers examine the historical context and underlying issues of a recent assault in Pittsburgh. Read more


8/27/19 – Use of Police Force – Rankin

(Aug 29, 2019)

Materials from a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing hosted by State Rep. Summer Lee and State Rep. Ed Gainey. Read more


Lee, Gainey host Policy Committee hearing on use of police force

(Aug 27, 2019)

State Reps. Summer Lee and Ed Gainey, both D-Allegheny, co-hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee at Hawkins Village in Rankin. Read more


Lee calls on health department to act on Braddock fracking proposal

(Aug 16, 2019)

Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny, today sent a letter to the Allegheny County Health Department, urging it to review the current proposal by Merrion Oil and Gas to build a fracking well site in Braddock. Read more


Lee to host environmental forum in Forest Hills

(Aug 14, 2019)

The public is invited to join Lee and local organizations to learn about local and global environmental concerns and how they can impact policy-making at the local and state level. Read more


Legislators ‘serve up’ support for minimum wage hike in Pa.

(Jul 12, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, July 12 – State Reps. Joanna McClinton, Stephen Kinsey, Chris Rabb, Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato joined advocates and restaurant workers in support of increasing the minimum wage in Pennsylvania. The group marched from the Pennsylvania Convention Center to El Fuego restaurant, where the legislators served food and drink to customers and addressed how a minimum wage hike would improve the lives of thousands of workers in the commonwealth. McClinton said, “Every state surrounding Pennsylvania has increased its minimum wage and yet it remains stagnant here in the commonwealth. It is antiquated and, at this point, disgraceful. Too many Pennsylvanians must continue to work for what amounts to nothing in today’s economy, still struggling well below the poverty line to pay bills and provide for their families. An increased and fair wage would give these people more purchasing power and the ability to afford necessities, contributing more to our overall economy.” Kinsey said, "Our communities of color shouldn't have to choose between paying the bills and putting food on the table. I was proud to join Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and other advocates in fighting to raise the minimum wage across the commonwealth so hardworking Pennsylvanians can afford to support their families and live their lives." Rabb has legislation that would raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $12 an hour , then increase it each year Read more


2019 Summer Newsletter

(Jul 04, 2019)

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