Gun violence remains an ever-present danger in Pennsylvania and throughout our nation. This is particularly true of under-served areas, from Philadelphia to Erie.

Bipartisan bills designed to reduce gun violence and keep communities safer – none of which come anywhere close to a rejection of the 2nd Amendment,  continue to languish in committee, not even deemed important enough to discuss, let alone receive votes.

Help your PA neighbors make noise by sending legislative leaders in Harrisburg, including House and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairs Rob Kauffman and Lisa Baker, a message that you still expect action on legislation to fight yet another deadly public health emergency.

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Representative Bryan Cutler; Senator Cris Dush; Representative Kerry Benninghoff; Senator Lisa Baker; Representative Robert Kauffman.

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PA still needs stronger gun laws

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Gun violence remains an ever-present danger -- in Pennsylvania and throughout our nation. 

Before COVID-19 changed our lives, gun violence was becoming the nation's most pressing public health emergency. The reasons for that have not changed, and our commonwealth still needs legislative outcomes to turn the tide against the daily reports of bloodshed caused by guns proliferating our communities.

As a concerned Pennsylvanian who hasn't forgotten that it's your duty to work for the people on our most pressing issues, I would like to remind you the legislation is not in short supply - but that your committees are holding it up.

These bills don't jeopardize the 2nd Amendment. Many of them have undergone public hearings and many enjoy broad bipartisan public support.

Please do your critical part to see that the memories of gun-violence victims are met with the hope for a better tomorrow and help precent more people from dying by guns.

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