Krueger issues statement on racist, irresponsible social media posts by local school board president

FOLSOM, June 11 – State Rep. Leanne Krueger on Thursday issued the following statement in response to the Philadelphia Inquirer reporting that the president of the Penn-Delco School District Board of Directors shared racist social media posts as well as misinformation about COVID-19 response measures.

“All public servants, whether police officers, state legislators or school board directors, are subject to a higher standard of propriety because of the trust we put in them to faithfully discharge their duties of collecting our tax dollars, keeping us safe and providing for our families. Any individual who is uninterested in serving all people — regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or economic background — is unfit for public service and ought to be removed from their post.

“Penn-Delco School Board President Leon Armour’s Facebook page was riddled with racist, ableist, and xenophobic posts. No apology — especially not one prefaced on interpretation — can undo the hurt caused by the words and images shared by Mr. Armour. For the students, parents, educators and community members, he has called into question his very intentions of running for office in the first place.

“The misinformation and poor attempts at humor about COVID-19 posted to Mr. Armour’s Facebook page are just as concerning. How are we to entrust the safety of our school children to someone who does not take seriously a pandemic that has killed over 115,000 Americans and brought our economy to a standstill?

“Leon Armour ought to demonstrate how seriously he takes the concerns of our community by resigning his post immediately. If he refuses, I implore his colleagues on the Penn-Delco School Board to vote for his removal.”