Loan and grant combo to give Steelton pump station a necessary makeover

HARRISBURG, July 18 – Steelton will receive $2.39 million in funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, which today approved a grant and low-interest loan to overhaul the borough’s water pump station.

“The Steelton pump facility has run its course and needs replacing,” said state Rep. Patty Kim, D-Dauphin. “Once this project is complete, nearly 1,800 residential customers will no longer have to worry about sewage backup in their basements when our area receives large amounts of precipitation.”

Three new pumps, new equipment hoists for the pumps, a backup generator, a new wet well mixing system, new pump controls, an additional influent grinder, an electric drive on the existing grinder, a new remote alarm, a new roof, and force main bypass piping are some of the areas to be addressed.

The money also will aid in the replacement of other components like internal piping, valves, a sump pump, and electrical service gear.

Improvements to heat, ventilating, the air conditioning system, and dry-well dehumidification are also part of the funds’ purpose.

The funding includes a $2.3 million grant and a $64,291 low-interest loan from Pennvest. The overall project is expected to cost $2.4 million.