Kenyatta looks forward to filling committee assignments

HARRISBURG, March 10 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., announced his committee assignments for this legislative term.

He will serve on the state House State Government, Commerce, Finance and Liquor Control committees.

Kenyatta noted that his service on these committees is important to helping working families across Pennsylvania.

“One of the biggest reasons I ran to be a state representative is to ensure our government works for working families. Each of these committees can play a critical role in making that happen,” Kenyatta said. “I look forward to continuing my work on these committees to ensure working families across Pennsylvania are well treated and represented.”

Below are the functions for each committee on which Kenyatta will serve.

State Government: Reviews legislation on issues ranging from voting and elections to campaign finance reform, the Right-to-Know Law, the Sunshine Act and the Procurement Code. It oversees the departments of State and General Services, the Independent Fiscal Office and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, as well as the Governor’s Office, State Athletic Commission, Independent Regulatory Review Commission, Joint Committee on Documents, the Public Employee Retirement Commission, State Employees’ Retirement Commission and the Pennsylvania Public Television Network.

Commerce: Evaluates legislation involving the banking industry and financial services industries. The committee has oversight of the Department of Banking and Securities, Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the Securities Commission and the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority to ensure that Pennsylvania stays competitive in a world marketplace.

Finance: Reviews bills dealing with financial issues for the state. Tax collection rates and policies are regularly reviewed, as well as banking policies. The committee is responsible for the Department of Revenue, the State Tax Equalization Board, Commonwealth Financing Authority, Board of Finance and Revenue and the Board of Claims.

Liquor Control: Handles legislation dealing with the state’s Liquor Code and oversees the operations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, as well as the control of liquor by slot machine licensees under the Gaming Control Board. The committee reviews any bills which pertain to the sale or distribution of alcohol in Pennsylvania.