Kenyatta issues statement on shooting at Roxborough High School

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., issued the following statement on the shooting that took place at his alma mater, Roxborough High School yesterday afternoon.

“The last time I was at my alma mater Roxborough High School, I was delivering the commencement address. Today I instead went to meet with students and staff reeling from yesterday’s mass shooting. I’m gutted and angry for these families — and the school community I so love,” Kenyatta said.

“The family of the young man whose life was stolen is showing a level of courage and resilience that they shouldn’t have to muster.

“The victims who’ve survived will also never be the same.

“They join a disgracefully long list of other families who know the pain of gun crimes.

“As I toured the school I was struck by a board in the lunch room. This ‘Dream Wall’ is replete with the hopes of students.

“One entry stuck out in its simplicity and its tragedy.

“This student wrote that they wanted to live past 30. It was a punch in the stomach.

“As an elected official the lack of sustained action on reducing gun crimes and violence is a stain. This should be the least partisan thing we do — keep our kids alive.

“Just living shouldn’t be a dream for our kids. It’s disgraceful that it is.

“We can do more and we must.”