ICYMI: State Rep. Kevin Boyle featured in The New Yorker article about election concerns in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Oct. 30 – In case you missed it, State Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila./Montgomery, was featured in an article in The New Yorker magazine this week discussing his concerns about the upcoming election and the tactics Republicans might take to steer the results. 

In the article, Boyle spoke about the Select Committee on Election Integrity that House Republicans sought to create in recent weeks, before a Republican member of the State Government Committee tested positive for COVID-19, and House session was delayed.  

Boyle spoke about how Republicans had thwarted efforts by Democrats and a few Republicans to allow pre-canvassing by counties to begin ahead of the election, and he expressed his concern that House Republicans could reintroduce the legislation to create the Select Committee on Election Integrity immediately after Election Day, ultimately influencing the outcome of the election. 

“It’s pretty clear that Republicans are carrying Trump’s strategy to delay the vote count in Pennsylvania,” Boyle said in The New Yorker article. “This whole pre-canvassing thing is about creating doubt in the results so they can sell the override of the state popular vote.” 

The full article in The New Yorker can be read on The New Yorker’s website