Matzie: Consumer Protection Committee approves bill that would allow Pa. to take the reins on carbon capture

HARRISBURG, June 25 – The state House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee today unanimously approved legislation that would allow Pennsylvania to gain regulatory control over the carbon capture process, Committee Chair Rob Matzie announced.

Matzie said the process – aimed at reducing the impact of CO2 emissions – captures those gases at the source and injects them through specially designed wells into deep underground rock formations in a procedure known as geologic sequestration.

“This is a good bill for PA workers, the economy and our environment,” Matzie said. “Carbon capture can reduce CO2 emissions, support our entry into other clean technologies like hydrogen hubs, create jobs and generate new investments. Right now, however, the federal government is in charge of issuing permits for carbon capture projects. Other states have started taking the initiative and applying to the EPA to gain the power to regulate those projects, and it’s time for Pennsylvania – as an energy leader – to join them. This bill will start the ball rolling.”

Matzie said the legislation (S.B. 831) would direct the state to apply to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for primary enforcement authority over carbon dioxide underground injection wells, also known as Class VI wells.

The bill, which was approved today with an omnibus amendment offered by Matzie, passed the state Senate in April and now heads to the full House for consideration.

Matzie’s comments on the hearing are available here: 062524 Consumer Protection VOSOT.mp4