Rabb highlights living wage for all Pennsylvanians legislation

HARRISBURG, April 10 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., introduced legislation (H.B. 1135) that would establish a living wage that includes vulnerable members of the workforce in Pennsylvania.

This legislation would increase the minimum wage to a living wage over time with annual cost-of-living adjustments, abolish the sub-minimum wage, protect gratuities from wage theft and expand the universe of beneficiaries to include gig workers, incarcerated workers and neurodivergent workers.

“The idea that it is allowable and acceptable to pay classes of working Pennsylvanians, due to their situation or circumstance, less than the minimum wage or a living wage is heinous and unacceptable. Yet, that is what commonwealth law currently allows,” Rabb said. “It’s time we change that and show that we value all work here in Pennsylvania. After all, all work has dignity. And there is no excuse for allowing a poverty wage in our commonwealth.”

H.B. 1135 is currently in the PA House Labor and Industry Committee where it awaits a vote.