PA House passes Isaacson bill to enhance protection for judges and judicial officers

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Wednesday passed state Rep. Mary Isaacson’s legislation to enhance protection for federal judges and judicial officers.  

This bill would prohibit disclosing the personally identifiable information of federal judges, judicial officers and their families when there is intent to cause harm or interrupt the person from carrying out their duties.  

“Threats and attempted violence against impartial judges not only cause harm to them but it damages our justice system and the foundations of our democracy,” Isaacson said. “We have seen varied threats against our democratic institutions too many times in recent years and we must protect judges to ensure that they can continue to uphold their duties both impartially and independently.”  

With this legislation, it would also be graded as a third-degree misdemeanor.  

"The justice system serves as a pillar of American Democracy. Threats and acts of violence against the judiciary branch affect each and everyone of us," state Rep. Anthony Bellmon, who helped author the bill, said.  “As the number of threats against the judiciary continue to rise, we must ensure judges are protected from retaliation so that they can properly serve justice in our commonwealth."

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.