Parker’s Agricultural Education bill passes PA House

The PA House of Representatives today passed legislation authored by state Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila., that would extend the due date of the Agricultural Education Excellence Commission’s annual report to Dec. 1.  

The Commission for Agricultural Education Excellence was formed in 2017 to develop state standards and report annually on the status of agricultural education in the commonwealth.  

Currently, the deadline is May 1, but advocates have expressed the need for an extension to ensure proper data collection regarding agricultural education in Pennsylvania.  

“As a member of the House Agricultural & Rural Affairs Committee, I understand how huge of an impact agriculture has on Pennsylvania’s economy,” Parker said. “We are a global leader in agriculture and food production, producing more than $131 billion in total sales of products annually. 

“Agriculture brings learning to life, teaching students’ hands-on skills that they can utilize as a career or for entrepreneurship,” Parker continued. “The deadline of May 1 must be extended to ensure that in an ever-evolving field such as agriculture, students and teachers have the tools they need to be successful in their chosen field.”  

Agricultural production in Pennsylvania encompasses 7.2 million acres, and the state produces and delivers fresh food to 52.3 million people in the northeastern part of the United States, which makes the industry vital to our state’s economy, Parker said.