Frankel hails fracking studies as the ‘beginning of an overdue conversation’

Calls on Department of Health to prioritize more studies and maximize transparency

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 16 – Majority House Health Committee Chairman Dan Frankel dismissed industry attacks Wednesday on a trio of University of Pittsburgh studies examining the relationship between fracking and health problems. Frankel said that the report is clearly cause for concern and should make every policy maker and public official curious to learn more.

“Some folks will act like environmental research is bad for business and bad for Pennsylvania’s economy. But, no – it’s pollution that’s bad for business. It’s poor health outcomes that are bad for business,” Frankel said. “Let’s get every ounce of information that we can and use it to protect our constituents.”

Frankel noted that the studies echoed findings by studies in other states.

Frankel applauded state Department of Health plans announced at the meeting unveiling the studies Tuesday night indicating that the department will aggressively investigate more health links and step up public outreach and transparency efforts. 

Frankel has introduced legislation with Rep. Rick Krajewski to require the DOH to work with the Department of Environmental Protection to investigate, monitor and make public any health issues linked to fracking.

More information about the legislation is available here: