Gergely issues statement on state budget passage

HARRISBURG, July 7 – State Rep. Matthew R. Gergely, D-Allegheny, issued the following statement regarding the state budget passing the PA House:

“Being a school district business manager for three years, I’m pleased that this year’s fiscal budget provides for school systems in District 35 to see increases in basic and special education funding when compared to last year’s allowances,” Gergely said. “These funds are crucial to keeping enough teachers in classrooms, giving them the tools and resources they need, and helping students to achieve at the highest academic level possible.”

District 35 school districts reflecting this growth from the 2022-23 fiscal year to the 2023-24 fiscal year are:

  • Clairton City School District-$950,100 increase (9%).
  • McKeesport Area School District- $3,587,283 increase (9.4%).
  • Duquesne City School District- $1,166,235 increase (8%).
  • Steel Valley School District- $883,682 increase (6.6%).
  • South Allegheny School District- $1,089,983 increase (8.5%).

Gergely also praised the $46 million allocation to provide universal free breakfasts to students statewide and allowing all students receiving reduced lunch prices to receive free lunch. Additionally, he commended the expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program, a measure that would enable an additional 175,000 individuals to be eligible and raise the maximum payment to $1,000.