Cephas slams recent SCOTUS decisions

The legislator condemns rulings on affirmative action, LGBTQ rights and student loan forgiveness

HARRISBURG, June 30 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas today expressed her disagreement with three U.S. Supreme Court decisions recently announced on affirmative action, LGBTQ rights and students loan forgiveness.

Cephas condemns the rulings of the Supreme Court and described the decisions as an unfortunate series of obstacles thrown in the way of social justice and equality.

“In light of yet another wrongful outcome from the Supreme Court, I raise my voice on behalf of the underrepresented communities that have been systematically harmed with these decisions”, Cephas said.

Cephas explained that minorities, people of color and people of low-income backgrounds have been fighting relentlessly for fairness, but the Supreme Court has chosen to ignore decades of struggles.

“It was a dark day yesterday when the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action. The Supreme Court is banning race-conscious admissions, in the cases of Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina and Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard College. The race component won’t be taken into consideration for college admissions,” Cephas continued.

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in 303 Creative, Inc. v. Elenis is a ruling that Cephas regards as a threat to the freedoms of LGBTQ+ individuals in the country, she said.

“This decision simply grants a green light for discrimination based on sexual identity,” Cephas said.

Cephas indicated that a triple strike to underserved communities came with the ruling on student loan forgiveness. The Supreme Court found today that the Biden administration surpassed its authority by attempting to eliminate more than $400 billion in student debt.

“This conclusion certainly frustrates me and, with me, millions of borrowers. This ruling strikes down the hopes and dreams of millions of students and introduces new limitations on presidential authority. We are going to continue doing our part in the commonwealth, fighting against all odds for what is right and for the ultimate American dream: a fair society.”