Boyle to introduce legislation ensuring access to preventative care in PA

Legislation is in response to TX judge striking down part of Affordable Care Act

HARRISBURG, March 30 – Today, a judge in Texas struck down part of the Affordable Care Act that gave Americans access to no-cost or low-cost preventative health care.

If appeals are unsuccessful, millions of Pennsylvanians could lose access to potentially life-saving preventative health care such as cancer screenings, depression and anxiety screenings, multiple vaccines, and annual well-woman visits.

To protect Pennsylvanians, regardless of what the federal courts do, state Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila., is introducing legislation that requires health insurers to cover preventative health care services without cost-sharing.

“I believe every Pennsylvanian should have access to life-saving preventative health care without having to pay a copay, coinsurance, or deductible,” Boyle said. “Ensuring access to preventative health care just makes sense—preventative care saves lives and money.  

“I want to make sure what this judge ruled in Texas does not end up taking away necessary preventative care for millions of Pennsylvanians.”