Cephas to introduce bill to help low-income homeowners repair their properties

HARRISBURG, June 29 – In an effort to support Pennsylvania homeowners who struggle to make expensive property repairs, state Reps. Morgan Cephas and Jordan Harris, both D-Phila., plan to introduce legislation that would address the issue and reduce financial distress for many households.

“The state must partner with and empower municipalities to create neighborhood infrastructure repair programs to support the people we serve,” Cephas said. “Our legislation would do that with an investment of state funding and a match in municipality funding.”

According to the lawmakers, homeowners are often left responsible for alleyways, sidewalks and other community infrastructure that the public uses, and the repairs and maintenance to these pathways can be overwhelming.

They said the legislation would allow applicants whose income falls below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines to have their repair projects fully funded. Those above the threshold could have their portion of the costs spread out over 15 years and applied to their tax bill without interest.

“Since the public is using this infrastructure, we can help homeowners make these spaces safe, accessible and built better for future generations.”