House Democrats Blast Republican Refusal to Debate Gun Safety Bills

HARRISBURG, June 13 -- In response to the House Judiciary Committee’s refusal to meaningfully debate four gun safety proposals today, House Democratic Leaders and the chairman of the House Philadelphia Delegation issued the following statement:

“Every day we delay is an opportunity for another tragedy, whether in Philadelphia, Scranton, Chambersburg, or any other community. Pennsylvanians have waited too long, seen too much pain and suffering, and are tired of Republican inaction. 

“House Republican leaders have again chosen to play politics with people’s lives. When forced to consider long-overdue, sensible gun safety measures popular with Pennsylvanians, the Judiciary Committee chairman offered a disingenuous and partisan response by opting to transfer the bills to another committee that is poorly equipped to scrutinize the legislation - essentially punting on his responsibility as chairman. It is partisan antics like these that cause residents to lose faith in their elected government.

“House Democrats will not relent in our fight for meaningful gun safety legislation.”