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Pa. could pass a ‘lemon law’ for homes to protect residents from shoddy construction

Hohenstein, Krasner Discuss Gun Violence and Disabilities

(Mar 07, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein sat down with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to discuss how gun violence affects the disabled community and what can be done to improve their lives as they recover from these traumatic incidents. Read more


Hohenstein Discusses Gun Violence Through the Lens of Disability

(Mar 07, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein hosted a town hall meeting focusing on gun violence through the lens of disability. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner along with community members and disability advocates shared their stories and had meaningful discussions about how to improve the lives of people with disabilities, particularly those re-entering society after incarceration. Read more


Hohenstein: Will Pennsylvania finally do right by our kids and taxpayers?

(Feb 14, 2023)

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Renee Cohn Jubilerer issued a decision affirming the Constitutional right of our children to “a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.” She stated, “the Education Clause requires that every student be provided with a meaningful opportunity to succeed academically, socially, and civically, which requires that all students have access to a comprehensive, effective, and contemporary system of public education.” Those fancy words just mean that every kid deserves a good school. We do this because the whole state benefits when that happens. Judge Jubilerer decided that we have not been providing good schools to all our kids, particularly those in poorer areas – like Philadelphia. The key is that the obligation we have to fund education comes straight from the state Constitution. That means education funding must be at the front of the line, it is one of the most important responsibilities state government has. We in the General Assembly have not been taking that responsibility seriously enough, and we have created a system that gives kids in wealthier places the education the Constitution promises but leaves out poor kids in schools that lack the basics. The decision focused on two things: inputs and results. Inputs are things like basic funding, staffing, courses and curriculum, and facilities. Results are things like standardized test results, high school Read more


2023 Web Calendar

(Feb 14, 2023)

2023 Web Calendar Read more


A Day of Hope

(Jan 18, 2023)

Today’s inauguration marks the beginning of Josh Shapiro’s work as Governor of Pennsylvania and my former colleague, Austin Davis, as the Lieutenant Governor. The political climate in Harrisburg results in an iceberg pace for policy, and change is usually talked about in hushed tones and whispers. Inauguration Day is different. It is a time when hope can be heard out loud, and visions for the future can be openly expressed. I have hopes for this new Governor and his administration in Harrisburg. I have hope for the Pa. House of Representatives, where the balance of power is still shifting. For the first time since I arrived, I feel that some of the broader issues and concerns I was sent here to champion can have their day in the sun. The road forward is still hard, and negotiations across the aisle will be necessary. But there is reason to hope. The need to negotiate, to listen to adversaries and find common ground is one of the reasons for my hope. Governor Shapiro is someone with experience at many levels of government, as a County Commissioner, as State Attorney General, and most importantly as a State Representative. I believe he has the skills and knowledge of the way things move at the Capitol to pass policy. He has the ability to be pragmatic and compromise, yet still be faithful to basic core values that are important to families across Pennsylvania. Good leaders have that ability – to talk about a vision for a better future and to take Read more


Hohenstein: Justice for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse

(Jan 12, 2023)

The balance of power in Harrisburg is shifting. For 23 of the past 27 years Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives where I serve; and they have controlled the Senate for 28 consecutive years. This past November, Pennsylvania citizens voted for Democrats in 102 of the 203 seats in the House. In total 12 seats were gained, a seismic shift not seen in a generation. While Republicans enjoyed a comfortable majority in the past, they now have 101 seats, one shy of the majority. As the 2023-24 legislative session opened last week, we held a bipartisan vote to elect the Speaker of the House, the member who controls what bills come forward for a vote by the whole chamber. Rep. Mark Rozzi, a lifelong Democrat from Berks County, was elected after being nominated by our Republican colleague, Jim Gregory. Rozzi promised to govern as an independent Speaker, where he would caucus with neither party. In his acceptance speech he vowed to follow the rules and preside as a nonpartisan. For me, the desired result is to have a legislature that is focused on the People’s work and not mired in politics. I was hopeful Speaker Rozzi could pull us toward that nonpartisan place where we can provide Pennsylvania a purposeful government. He tried to do that this week in a Special Session called to address the primary issue he has championed for years, justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse. Speaker Rozzi and Rep. Gregory are both survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In Read more


Hohenstein Visits MANNA to Promote a Healthy Diet

(Dec 22, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein visited MANNA in Philadelphia to prepare healthy meals for the community and discuss how using food as medicine can help manage chronic conditions and improve your overall health. Read more


Hohenstein Working to Feed People in Need

(Dec 13, 2022)

Roughly 25% of #Philadelphians live with #foodinsecurity. That’s why Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein supports community organizations like Caring for Friends, who serve as a lifeline to many of our neighbors in need. Hohenstein along with colleagues in the House and Senate secured $1.25 million in state grants to help Caring for Friends build a desperately needed cold storage facility. Read more


It’s Time to Apply for PTRR

(Dec 01, 2022)

The December 31st deadline to apply for the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate program is fast approaching and Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein’s office is here to walk you through the application process. Rebates on rent or property tax paid in 2021 are available to many older or disabled adults living in Pa. To see if you qualify or for help applying, call Rep. Hohenstein’s district office at 215-744-2600. You can also get more information or apply online at www.mypath.pa.gov Read more


Unemployment Reforms Are Needed

(Nov 29, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein joined the Pennsylvania Unemployment Project and Keystone Research Center to call on the incoming Shapiro administration to address much needed reforms to Pennsylvania's unemployment service. Read more


Hohenstein on Krasner Impeachment Vote

(Nov 16, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein spoke on the unprecedented vote by the Pa. House of Representatives to impeach Phila. District Attorney Larry Krasner. Hohenstein hoped the Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order would conduct a comprehensive investigation, examining any and all causes of violent crime in Philadelphia. But sadly, he says it focused on one singular political lightning rod rather than the complicated issues surrounding poverty and crime. He was a 'no' vote on the impeachment. Read more


Hohenstein issues statement on Phila. DA Krasner impeachment vote

(Nov 16, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 16 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., issued a statement following the unprecedented vote by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. “This resolution, made by a single member shortly after the submission of the Second Interim Report from the Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order which made no formal recommendation and signaled its intent to continue its work, is wrong,” Hohenstein said. “I support the rule of law and I believe we all benefit when we have rules that make sense and that everyone can understand. I am concerned that this legislative body has been working without rules or guidelines. The maker of the resolution is not following any recognizable rule or process. This single member, not a member of the Judiciary Committee or of the select committee, is making a last minute, lame duck session desperation move to impeach another duly elected official over political differences. The House has rarely voted to impeach a government official. There is no reason or precedent that can justify this action. In over 300 years, the House has impeached less than 10 times total, and the Senate has only convicted three of those individuals. Other than the impeachment of Justice Rolf Larsen, who was proven of criminal conduct in 1993, the House has not had an active impeachment since 1848; 174 years. No official, other than a judge or justice, has ever Read more


Claiming Port Richmond Veterans Memorial Wooden Signs

(Nov 16, 2022)

The photos and flyer below are from the Port Richmond Veterans Memorial at Aramingo Avenue and Somerset Street in Port Richmond. The wooden signs placed at this site were previously part of a Veterans Memorial located on Richmond Street. PennDOT is looking for a new home for the memorial and the signs from the Richmond Street location. Read more


Hohenstein Can Help with LIHEAP Applications

(Nov 02, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein reminds Pennsylvanians that the application period for LIHEAP assistance is now open. Give his office a call at 215-744-2600 or stop by in person for help with your application. You can also go to LIHEAP.com for more information on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Read more


Hohenstein announces total of $7.75M in RACP project grants for Tioga Marine Revitalization project, Caring for Friends, AdvanSix Inc., the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, and Tacony Boat Launch

(Oct 31, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Oct. 31 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., today announced $7.75 million in state grant funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program that will support the Tioga Marine Terminal Revitalization project, Caring for Friends, AdvanSix Inc., the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, and the Tacony Boat Launch. “With the amount of money coming to our neighborhoods, we’re going to be seeing some big changes,” Hohenstein said. “I’m proud of being able to work with Governor Wolf and my colleagues in the House and Senate to make sure your tax dollars end up benefiting you and the spaces we use every day. I’ve worked hard to make sure these projects get the financial support they need to make it across the finish line and benefit our communities for years to come.” $4 million is going to Delaware River Stevedores for a Tioga Marine Terminal Revitalization project. Hohenstein was proud to be part of the team led by Gov. Tom Wolf and state Sen. Christina Tartaglione, D-Phila, for this grant. There are several components to this terminal revitalization project to rehabilitate existing cranes. They include electrifying cranes; replacing worn out crane spreaders; replace gantry crane motors; Tioga 5 rail side barrier system upgrades; Tioga 1 LED lighting replacement; Tioga 2 LED lighting replacement; Tioga 1 pole repairs; Tioga 4 overhead door replacement; Tioga 5 sprinkler Read more


Hohenstein Welcomes Muslim Community Leaders

(Oct 26, 2022)

Chair of the Welcoming PA Caucus state Rep Joe Hohenstein took part in a press conference to cap-off Muslim Capitol Day. Dozens of Muslim leaders, community members and students met with elected leaders to discuss issues of importance to their communities. Muslim Capitol Day is an opportunity to make a visible statement that Muslims are now, and forever will be, full participants in our country’s political process. Read more


Hohenstein Disability Pride Day Remarks

(Oct 25, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein delivered remarks highlighting the importance of disability awareness and how those members of the community cannot be forgotten about. A parade around the Capitol complex followed their remarks. Read more


Morning Joe: Reflecting on the Disability Summit

(Sep 27, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein reflects on this year's Disability Summit at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Read more


Policy hearing identifies impacts of technological advancements on disabled community

(Sep 22, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing Thursday afternoon to explore the impacts technological advancements have had on the disabled community. Read more


Hohenstein Applauds Signing of Disability Inclusive Curriculum Bill

(Sep 22, 2022)

Surrounded by the people who helped ensure a brighter future for people living with disabilities and all Pennsylvanians, Pa. state Rep. Joe Hohenstein watched as Gov. Wolf signed his Disability Inclusive Curriculum Bill into law. Hohenstein called the law a huge victory for people who live with a disability, adding that teaching and talking about our differences will help to eliminate the stigma, shame, and ignorance that can lead to bullying and further exclusion. Read more