Hohenstein celebrates budget, education funding increases

HARRISBURG, July 5 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., tonight applauded passage of a $714 million increase for education funding in the bipartisan budget that’s headed to the governor with no tax increases.

“Pennsylvania has passed a budget that prioritizes education, expands the Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program, and paves the way for a brighter future,” Hohenstein said. “The passage of this budget signifies a significant step forward, but let us be clear, this budget is just the beginning. With Commonwealth Court’s decision, it is absolutely clear that we are failing our students. It’s up to us to build on this foundation and deliver a high-quality public education. We must fight for equitable funding that ensures we have the resources necessary to provide a first-class education to every student.”

The Philadelphia School District will receive $1.7 billion, a $119.6 million and 7.6% increase from the previous fiscal year.

“But let us not forget that there is more work to be done beyond education. That includes justice for survivors of sexual abuse, a minimum wage increase, commonsense gun measures, and the Fairness Act to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination. We must invest in our crumbling infrastructure, improve access to affordable health care, and champion renewable energy to protect our environment and generations to come. We need to restore the early childhood education and childcare funding that we had originally passed in the budget to support working families. While we celebrate this budget and the victory for education funding, let us remember that there is much more work to do to bring true equity and deliver on our promise of a high-quality education for every student.”

More information on the budget is available by contacting Hohenstein’s district office at 215-744-2600.