COVID-19 update: District office closure

Dear Friends,

After closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 within our county and following the request of the Dept. of Health and the Governor, I have decided to close our district office to visitors effective immediately to protect my staff and the constituents we serve. We are also postponing all upcoming in-person events.

We are committed to providing continued high-quality service to our constituents during this time. We will be serving the 61st Legislative District by phone and email. We are also having a lock box installed by our office entrance for any paperwork that needs to be dropped off. Our staff will be retrieving mail and going through the lock box each day to ensure that the needs of our community are still being met.

While I understand that these measures are likely to cause some inconvenience, I believe this is in the best interest of ensuring the safety of my staff and the community. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on refining this process.

We will be updating you as this situation unfolds and working with the county and state health departments to do our best to make sure everyone stays safe.

Due to house rules requiring that I not send out mass communications to anyone who hasn’t “opted in” to receive them for sixty days before an election, this message will not be received by everyone.  If you have a friend or colleague who shares with you that he or she plans to visit my office please feel free to share our contact information and that we aren’t open to the public at this time. 

Please ensure your safety by following the recommendations on the county COVID-19 site found HERE and the state Department of Health website HERE

Leave us a message at (610) 277-3230 or e-mail us at or


Liz Hanbidge