Hanbidge bill to strengthen menopause education among aging women passes House

HARRISBURG, June 29 – State Rep. Liz Hanbidge’s legislation that would empower women to enter their menopausal transition more mentally and physically prepared passed the House today.

House Bill 807 would establish partnerships between the Department of Health and medical providers to educate women on the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, the biological changes behind the processes and how to talk to family and friends about the processes.

“By equipping women with knowledge about menopause, and subsequently their own, changing bodies, we honor their journey, celebrate their resilience, and unleash their potential to embrace this transformative phase with grace and confidence," Hanbidge said. “Empowering women to have conversations about menopause with medical professionals and their loved ones can help destigmatize this natural process. Free and open dialogues are essential in any branch of health.”

Hanbidge noted the importance of this bill, as about one third of American women reported feeling there was not enough perimenopause and menopause information available to them before they underwent this natural progression. Furthermore, the annual cost of lost work days in the United States related to menopause symptoms is $1.8 billion, and the annual medical costs associated with menopause symptoms are $26.6 billion – according to Mayo Clinic.

“When working women face unexpected medical issues, it can negatively impact their careers. However, with the knowledge of what’s going on with their own bodies and how to address or cope with any difficulties that may come with menopause, they’re better equipped to stay in the workforce,” Hanbidge said. “Education on menopause would not only help people going through this process, but could help our economy. Women ages 45 to 54 make up 20% of our workforce, we need to ensure they’re supported every way we can.”

H.B. 807 will now head to the Senate for consideration.