PA House passes bill to ban license plate flipping devices

HARRISBURG, July 8 – Legislation (H.B. 2426) introduced by state Reps. Pat Gallagher, D-Phila., and Greg Scott, D-Montgomery, that would explicitly ban license plate flipping devices, today passed the Pennsylvania House.

License plate flipping devices enable a license plate on a vehicle to be changed to another license plate either manually or electronically. When affixed to vehicles, these devices can be used to conceal a license plate, modify its appearance, or switch one license plate to another. Drivers can use these devices to evade identification for purposes such as avoiding tolls, reckless driving, or even more nefarious criminal activity.

“There are currently many ambiguities in our state law that allow individuals to use these devices as loopholes to get out of making payments they owe,” Gallagher said. “My city of Philadelphia recently took action on this issue by prohibiting these devices in the city, and now it’s time for the entire state of Pennsylvania to follow suit.”

“House Bill 2426 is a significant step toward ensuring accountability on our roads,” Scott said. “License plates are crucial for vehicle identification, and it's essential that our laws explicitly prohibit the use of license plate flipping devices that allow drivers to evade this identification. These devices can be used to avoid tolls, engage in reckless driving, and even commit more serious crimes without being detected. By banning these devices statewide, we are closing a loophole and enhancing public safety across Pennsylvania.”

This bill now heads to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration.