Gallagher applauds signing of acupuncture licensing bill

HARRISBURG, July 2 – State Rep. Pat Gallagher, D-Phila, today offered praise to Gov. Josh Shapiro for signing his legislation to update the Acupuncture Licensure Act into law.

“I applaud Governor Shapiro for signing this necessary piece of legislation into law,” Gallagher said. “As we see the practice of acupuncture continue to grow and more Pennsylvanians receive acupuncture treatment, it’s important that the people providing it are up to date on the latest guidelines and protocols so that patients can receive quality treatment from well-trained providers.”

The update to current law will require licensed acupuncturists to complete 30 hours of approved continuing education every two years. If an acupuncturist is also a physician, only nine hours will be required as part of the physician’s continuing education.

The law also will let acupuncturists from other states attend continuing education courses in Pennsylvania, helping programs based here to thrive.

This legislation is now known as Act No. 38 of 2024.