Burns reveals release of $250,000 to Cambria County Solid Waste Authority

State grant to help pay for two CNG-powered recycling trucks

EBENSBURG, April 1 – As the final portion of a state grant, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, said the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority will receive $250,000 toward purchase of two CNG recycling trucks in the next four to six weeks.

Burns said the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has notified the authority that the final invoice is being processed for the $750,000 project, two-thirds of which is DEP-financed.

"These new trucks will replace seven old trucks that had gone beyond their useful lives," Burns said. "The reason that two trucks can replace seven is that they are larger and have compacting capabilities. They are also less expensive to operate, and they run on a fuel that’s produced and in abundant supply in Pennsylvania."

Earlier this week, Burns attended the unveiling of the locations of two CNG fueling stations announced by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. One will be in Ebensburg and the other at the CamTran main building in Johnstown.