Burns votes for transparency in campaign spending

HARRISBURG, April 18 – Wanting to make sure the public knows who’s paying to persuade them to vote for or against a candidate, state Rep. Frank Burns voted for a bill that would require public disclosure of that information.

“I’m all for the public’s right to know,” Burns said. “That’s why I’ve been fighting Vision 2025, the Johnstown Housing Authority and others – to ensure the public knows what’s happening in their community so they can have their say. This is no different.

“Unlike campaign ads from candidates and political parties, you never know who’s paying for the ads created by political action committees. You deserve to know who’s trying to influence your vote and who’s behind every dollar spent.”

The bill (H.B. 1472) would require civic leagues and other nonprofits that independently advocate for or against a particular candidate to file campaign finance reports, no matter how much money is spent.

“Every single dollar these groups spend to persuade you to vote one way or another would have to be reported so the people are informed. I urge the Senate to take up this bill because it’s time the people know the facts about who’s behind these ads,” Burns said.

The House passed the bill 127-74. It has been sent to the Senate for consideration.