Burns secures over $18 million in funding for area water, wastewater projects

Says funding will reduce reliance on taxpayer funds

HARRISBURG, Oct. 18 – Continuing his efforts to secure state funding for vital infrastructure improvements, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, today announced an $18 million funding package to help the region complete some major water and sewer projects.

“As a state representative, I’ve helped local municipalities secure over $18 million to fund these much-needed upgrades, costs which otherwise would have been paid for by the community,” Burns said. “I’m always looking for opportunities to bring money back to our region, to make the critical investments that we need in order for our communities to get ahead.”

The funding announced today includes:

  • $8.5 million for the Ebensburg Municipal Authority to replace 23,200 feet of aged cast iron pipe with pvc pipe, and replace fire hydrants, curb boxes and non-lead service lines. The authority also will replace any lead lines it finds during the project. Of the funding, $3.47 million does not have to be paid back and the remaining $5 million is a 1% low-interest loan.

  • $1 million low-interest loan for the Cambria Township Sewer Authority to modify its treatment system to replace the chlorine disinfection with an ultraviolet unit.

  • $8.65 million for the Forest Hills Municipal Authority to build an aerobic digestion system, storage basins, biofilter and equipment building with pumps and blowers to improve the quality and quantity of dewatered sludge. The authority serves 4,350 customers, including those in Summerhill and Croyle Township. Of the funding, $1.73 million is a low-interest loan with the remaining $6.9 million as a grant.

The funding announced today includes over $10.3 million in state grants and $7.7 million in low-interest loans from Pennvest with a 1% starting interest rate. 

Burns said that addressing his district’s outdated infrastructure has been one of his top priorities since taking office, and that he has helped secure more than $100 million in Pennvest funding for projects across the district since 2009.

For more information on Pennvest, visit www.pennvest.pa.gov.