Burns: $449,103 state grant to expand broadband access in Allegheny Twp.

Funding to allow In The Stix Broadband to install 25 miles of fiberoptic cable

EBENSBURG, March 22 – Continuing his efforts to bring broadband internet access to rural or underserved communities, today state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, announced a $449,103 state grant to achieve that, by building out 25 miles of fiberoptic cable in Allegheny Township.

“This grant is going to allow 400 homes and 50 businesses to have access to high-speed internet,” Burns said. “Between grants like this and the vote I cast last year to create Pennsylvania’s Rural Broadband Development Authority, I’m delivering on my commitment to expand this critical service to rural communities.”

Burns said the last several years have shown just how essential reliable, highspeed internet is for everything from remote learning and telehealth visits to keeping families connected and helping businesses compete and grow.

“Fast, consistent internet service is the critical connection that can allow a small business in Ebensburg or Jackson Township to sell its goods or services to a customer anywhere in the world,” Burns said. “But that can’t happen without the lines to provide the connections, which is what this grant is all about.”

In The Stix Broadband, based in Cresson, will receive the grant funding through the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program. The new fiberoptic cable will provide internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload.

Since taking office Burns has helped secure more than $275 million in state and federal investment in the communities he represents, to help fund everything from highspeed internet and hospital expansions, to education technology and school programs.