Burns: Grants available for broadband infrastructure

Up to $1 million available for projects to expand high speed access

EBENSBURG, June 2 – As part of his mission to increase connectivity and expand internet access in Cambria County, state Rep. Frank Burns is urging local organizations to apply for state broadband expansion grants of up to $1 million per project.

“Access to the internet is critical for just about every part of our modern lives, and I’m always working to expand access in Cambria County,” Burns said. “From education to employment and economic competitiveness, Pennsylvania needs to prioritize expanding access – and I want to make sure local organizations are aware of this opportunity to do so.”

The grants, funded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program, are open to any nongovernmental entity with the technical, managerial, and financial expertise to design, build and operate a high-speed broadband service infrastructure within Pennsylvania.

The program provides up to $1 million for the acquisition, construction, equipment, and site preparation costs associated with the deployment of high-speed broadband infrastructure to unserved areas. The deadline for applications is Sept. 24, and more information is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/unserved-high-speed-broadband-funding-program-uhsb/

Since taking office Burns has made the local investment of state funds a priority, helping secure more than $250 million for programs and projects in Cambria County, helping fund everything from schools and infrastructure to economic and job training programs. He also encourages interested parties to reach out to his office if they need assistance.