Burns: Cambria County Historical Society receives $4K state grant

State funding to help pay for operating expenses

EBENSBURG, Dec. 3 – State Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, today announced the award of a $4,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to the Cambria County Historical Society.

Burns said the Cultural and Historical Support Grant comes from a program designed to strengthen Pennsylvania’s museums and historical societies by supporting general operations needs not covered by other state funding programs.

“At a time when every nonprofit and community group is struggling, I know that every dollar counts,” Burns said. “That’s why I’m always fighting to make sure our communities, businesses and organizations receive their fair share of state funding.”

Award amounts are calculated based on a percentage of the museum’s previous year’s operating budget. Since taking office, Burns has helped steer more than $200 million in state and federal funding back to Cambria County communities, driving investment in family sustaining jobs, infrastructure and community programs.