Burns: $155,800 to fund local schools’ COVID preparations

Federal funds can be used for purchasing equipment to allow for online learning

EBENSBURG, Aug. 7 – As school districts begin to lay out their opening plans for the upcoming school year, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, announced Friday that several local districts have been awarded grants to purchase equipment or other supplies to allow teaching to continue – either online or in person.

“With some of our local schools starting the year in a hybrid instruction model, it is vital that they have the equipment they need to ensure all our children have the opportunity to learn – whether in or out of the classroom,” Burns said. “We know the governor could unilaterally shut down schools again if coronavirus cases begin to spike. While none of us want to see that happen, we must help our schools prepare for all possibilities.”

The grants awarded locally include:

  • Greater Johnstown School District - $69,400.
  • Forest Hills School District - $35,900.
  • Cambria Heights School District - $19,000.
  • Penn Cambria School District - $17,500.
  • Glendale School District - $14,000.

Funded using federal coronavirus relief funds, these grants can be used to purchase computer equipment, such as laptops, tablets and internet hot spots, or used toward providing instructional materials, such as paper lessons and coursework. Schools with the highest percentages of students lacking access to resources were given priority in receiving these grants.