Burns votes to freeze salaries for state officials

Urges legislature to do more to protect taxpayers during crisis

HARRISBURG, May 27 – On Monday state Rep. Frank Burns voted in support of taxpayers to freeze salaries for elected public officials in Pennsylvania and urged his fellow legislators to take further steps to protect taxpayers during the ongoing crisis.

“This crisis has upended so much of our economy, and as a fiscally responsible lawmaker, I believe we need to be looking to save every dollar possible so that the taxpayers aren’t left out in the rain,” Burns said. “Freezing pay is a good first step, but we should – and need -- to do more to protect the taxpayers during these difficult times.”

The pay freeze would apply to all elected state officials including legislators, the governor, lieutenant governor, state auditor general, and state attorney general, among others. Since being elected Burns regularly donates any automatic increases in pay he has received, and, during budget shutdowns, refuses pay all together.