House Democratic leaders denounce Republican for playing politics, wasting tax dollars and sharing fake news

HARRISBURG, May 1 – House Democratic leaders today released the following statement regarding House Republicans’ irresponsible political antics and misinformation campaign that’s putting Pennsylvanians’ lives at risk:

“History will not be kind to those that have sown division and discord during a national emergency. Astoundingly, instead of offering reassuring, responsible leadership, constructive oversight and appropriating desperately needed resources in the midst of a global pandemic, House Republicans have focused their efforts on politicizing the reopening process, undermining our faith in public health officials and engaging in a bizarre misinformation campaign by spreading fake reopening plans on social media.

“This goes so far beyond the pale of acceptable behavior and sows panic and confusion among the very Pennsylvanians they take an oath to represent. We expect the information from our elected officials to be truthful, not overzealous sharing of fake news that Republicans said they thoroughly enjoyed.  

“Furthermore, prioritizing dog groomers and zoos over the lives of millions of Pennsylvanians is incredibly irresponsible and morally bankrupt. Rather than helping essential workers, they’re playing games with legislation they know will be vetoed simply to try and score political points. As if political antics during a pandemic aren’t bad enough, House Republicans have now stooped to questioning science, impugning Secretary Rachel Levine’s medical qualifications and Gov. Tom Wolf’s integrity as they’ve wasted five weeks of session and countless taxpayer dollars. They continue to second-guess the talents and willingness of our professionals on the frontlines who are dealing with sickness and death and will have to lead us out of this darkness. 

“As of this moment, 2,292 Pennsylvanians have died. That number will rise today. We implore House Republicans to change their agenda from one of political games to one of helping the citizens they’re elected to serve.”