$530,714 awarded to eight Erie County tech businesses

Bizzarro says investment shows promise of innovation in the region

ERIE, May 12 – Today, state Rep. Bizzarro, D-Erie, applauded tax credits awarded to innovators in Erie County through the Keystone Innovation Zone, a program supporting entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania.

“Our region is prime for entrepreneurs looking to innovate in emerging and changing markets,” said Bizzarro. “Erie County is one part of the Keystone Innovation Zones because of the access we have to higher education, the affordability of our region, and it’s easy to do business here. This investment in eight companies operating here shows the tremendous promise of our region.”

The KIZ program provides tax credits for companies that have been in operation for less than eight years, whose gross revenues have increased over the previous year, and are operating within a targeted industry sector such as information technology or advanced manufacturing/diversified materials.

Erie businesses receiving the funds are:

  • Evident Holding Company LLC: $26,087.
  • Institute on Healthcare Directives: $11,370.
  • Makerplace Inc.: $100,000.
  • VelocityNet Video: $40,735.
  • Steel Toe Consulting: $77,005.
  • Whitethorn Digital LLC: $100,000.
  • Great Lakes Online Media LLC: $75,517.
  • Calypso Enterprises: $100,000.

Gov. Tom Wolf approved of the funding for these and 189 other early-stage technology companies across Pennsylvania.

“It’s vital to support our tech entrepreneurs here at home and foster their growth,” Wolf said. “These tax credits help reduce the burden on companies as they are just starting out. In turn, these businesses and entrepreneurs will push Pennsylvania’s thriving tech sector forward.”

The complete list of 2021 approved Keystone Innovation Zone awards is available on the Department of Community and Economic Development’s website, as is a map of the KIZs.