Edinboro American Legion Pool gets funding

Money will be used to replace failing heater

ERIE, Nov. 16 – Today, the Commonwealth Financing Authority approved a $14,274 award for the Edinboro American Legion Pool in Erie County to replace a failing heater that enables people to use the pool on cooler days in the early or late summer.

Each year, the Edinboro American Legion Pool records between 9,000 and 12,000 visitors, according to pool manager Harry Glunt. He said the pool was even able to remain open during the pandemic, attracting 7,000 guests over the course of three months.

“Seniors and kids alike use our pool every year, and if we don’t get this heater replaced, it will simply be too cold for use,” said Harry Glunt, manager of the Edinboro American Legion pool.

“These funds going to the pool today enables the Legion to do what it needs to do so members and guests can enjoy the pool next summer,” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie. “This money demonstrates how much we value what the Edinboro American Legion does for our community.”

“The American Legion pool is a popular place to be in the summertime and a favorite gathering place for people of all ages,” said Sen. Michele Brooks, R-Erie/Crawford/Mercer/Warren. “It’s important that we support our American Legions and our shared resources, and I am happy that we were able to help with this project for the community of Edinboro.”

The support is derived from the state’s Greenway, Trails and Recreation Program through the CFA.