Millcreek Township gets money for stormwater management

$100,000 goes to restore and stabilize the bank on Wilkins Run Stream

ERIE, Nov. 16 – Today, the Commonwealth Financing Authority announced $100,000 will go to Millcreek Township for stream bank and channel stabilization efforts on Wilkins Run Stream.

These funds are a portion of the $361,453 needed to help restore and stabilize 982 feet of stream bank and channel on Wilkins Run Stream, which flows into Lake Erie.

“Stormwater management is an issue that must be addressed,” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie. “These funds will help Millcreek Township address the challenges faced by our region in experiencing stronger storms and the flooding and damage that results. I remain committed to fighting for funds and attention to this issue in Harrisburg.”

The money came from the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program.