House Democrats unveil Propel PA plan to strengthen economic climate

HARRISBURG, Nov. 10 – House Democratic leadership today released the following statement upon unveiling “Propel PA,” a plan to make Pennsylvania more attractive to businesses and more supportive to workers:

“Pennsylvania is currently facing the unique opportunity to not simply recover from this pandemic, but to rethink how our economy operates and bring forth pioneering approaches to build a stronger business atmosphere that attracts and rewards both employers and employees.

“Propel PA focuses on helping businesses succeed and expand in fast-growing, innovative industries while investing in local entrepreneurs who provide quality jobs and are integral parts of our community. By lowering Pennsylvania’s Corporate Net Income Tax from the highest in the region to one of the lowest and restructuring other aspects of our business tax structure, we can encourage innovation and make Pennsylvania a destination for new and expanding businesses.

“At the same time, Propel PA provides valuable support for Pennsylvania’s workers and families by creating commonsense programs like Paid Sick and Family Leave, increasing access to quality, affordable childcare and empowering Pennsylvanians to control their own retirement. This provides the security our workers deserve to ensure they can care for their family when necessary and retire on their own terms.

“Finally, this plan invests in Pennsylvania’s infrastructure by closing the digital divide and providing access to affordable, reliable high-speed broadband, as well as investing in innovative transportation options to emphasize bus and rail passenger traffic. These improvements will give employers and employees more options and create the necessary competitive atmosphere to strengthen our economy.

“As leaders in the General Assembly, we must decide the path we want to guide Pennsylvania down. Propel PA is the roadmap to making our state more attractive to the most successful businesses and the most skilled employees and we look forward to reaping the benefits this plan will bring.”