Rep. Bizzarro: Ag grants benefit Erie County kids

$500,000 awarded statewide to strengthen childhood nutrition, education

ERIE, October 26 – Helping kids have better access to healthy, local foods and teaching them about where it comes from is the subject of three grants awarded in Erie County, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro announced today.

"Kids can’t get ahead without good nutrition,” said Rep. Bizzarro.  “The Farm to School program connects them with healthy food in schools while supporting Pennsylvania farmers.”

The Pennsylvania Farm Bill Farm to School Grant Program also works to teach students about where their food comes from, and why they should be making healthy choices when it is time to eat.  

The three projects awarded funding in Erie County are:  

  • $11,876.13 to Early Connections, Inc. for the purchase of agricultural focused children’s books and agriculture classroom curriculum. Food will be bought from the Edinboro Farmers Market and there will be a field trip to local maple syrup producer. 
  • $15,000 to the Girard School District to build raised beds for a school garden and implement a second-grade agriculture education curriculum.  
  • $14,876.13 to the YMCA of Corry to provide a hydroponic garden at Corry Area High School, nutritional education and a field trip to local farmers markets.  

“This is one of the reasons I voted for the Pennsylvania Farm Bill,” said Rep. Bizzarro. “Connecting kids with where their food comes from locally, while helping them grow up to be healthy eaters is a win-win.”

Any school district, charter school, or private school with pre-kindergarten classes, kindergarten or elementary through fifth grade was eligible to apply for the program. The full list of approved projects can be found online.