Rep. Bizzarro: $583,153 awarded to area hospitals providing care to those with substance use disorder

Funds used to care for pregnant and postpartum women with SUD

Erie, PA, Oct. 5 – Cash is being given to Allegheny Health Network in Erie County and surrounding hospitals to improve outcomes for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).  

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro announced today that assistance is coming to Erie County to address substance abuse disorders impacting the region.

We know that only 17% of Pennsylvanians who were dependent on or used illicit drugs receive treatment they need,” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro. “We must commit resources if we are to combat addiction and help those struggling to recover from addiction.”

These funds expand access opportunities to those seeking Medication Assisted Treatment and focus efforts on assisting those who received treatment and are recovering.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) administered these funds as part of $55 million awarded to Pennsylvania through the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Program COVID-19 Supplemental Awards.

”Pennsylvania’s disaster declaration for opioid addiction might have ended but the work to help those struggling with substance abuse disorder continues,” Bizzarro said.

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