Rep. Bizzarro: More than $650,000 granted to Erie County Fire, EMS companies

State fire grants help cover the costs of operations, training, more

ERIE, June 29 – A large infusion of cash is on its way to Erie County fire and emergency medical service companies to help keep them answering the call for help, day or night.

 State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro today announced that dozens of grants have been awarded across the county totaling $658,522 from the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program.

“We are so fortunate to live in an area with dedicated, talented first responders that are there when we need them,” Bizzarro explained. “The tools and training they need to help us when things go wrong is expensive and, for volunteers, is a fundraising burden beyond the hard work they do to keep us safe. This money will help reduce that burden.”

The grant program is administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner and is available to all fire and EMS companies as well as volunteer rescue squads. The money can be used for construction, repair or renovation of their facilities, the purchase of new equipment, training and education, recruitment or retention efforts, as well as covering lost income due to the interruption of fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These men and women give so much of their time to benefit our community, pouring their hearts and souls into helping us,” Bizzarro said. “With so many fundraisers cancelled over the last year, they need the money now more than ever. These grant dollars will be put to good use, and I encourage everyone to seek out ways they can contribute to their local companies. Raffles, bingo, carnivals, solicitations in the mail -- if you can help the helpers, please do.”

Organizations awarded money in Erie County include:

  • A F Dobler Hose Ladder Fire Co. $12,411.47
  • A F Dobler Hose Ladder EMS $8,993.20
  • Albion Volunteer Fire Department $11,520.24
  • Albion Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Belle Valley Fire Department $12,767.97
  • Brookside Volunteer Fire Co. $13,480.96
  • Brookside Volunteer Fire Co. $8,993.20
  • Central Erie County Paramedic Association $8,993.20
  • City of Corry Fire Department $12,411.47
  • City of Erie Fire Department $15,000.00
  • Corry Regional Fire Co. $24,089.72
  • Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department $12,589.72
  • Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Crescent Hose Co. $11,698.48
  • Crescent Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department $14,372.20
  • Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Elgin Beaver Dam Hose Co. $12,054.98
  • Emergycare Inc EMS $8,993.20
  • Fairfield Hose Co. $12,054.98
  • Fairfield Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Fairview Fire Department $12,233.23
  • Fairview Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department $11,698.48
  • Fuller Hose Co. No. 1 $12,767.97
  • Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Co. $12,233.23
  • Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Harborcreek Fire Department $12,946.22
  • Harborcreek Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Kearsarge Fire Department $13,302.71
  • Kuhl Hose Co. $14,372.20
  • Kuhl Hose Co. EMS $8,986.90
  • Lake City Fire Co. $12,233.23
  • Lake City Fire Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Lake Shore Fire Department $11,876.73
  • Lake Shore Fire Department EMS $4,498.20
  • Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department $11,698.48
  • Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • McKean Hose Co. $11,698.48
  • McKean Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Mill Village Vol Fire Co. $11,698.48
  • Mill Village Vol Fire Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. $15,000.00
  • Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Platea Volunteer Fire Co. $11,698.48
  • Platea Volunteer Fire Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Springfield Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Springfield Volunteer Fire Department $11,876.73
  • Stancliff Hose Co. $12,233.23
  • Stancliff Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Union City Volunteer Fire Department $12,589.72
  • Union City Volunteer Fire Department EMS $8,993.20
  • Wattsburg Hose Co. $11,520.24
  • Wattsburg Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Wesleyville Hose Co. EMS $8,993.20
  • Wesleyville Hose Co. $12,233.23
  • West County Paramedic Association $8,993.20
  • West Lake Fire Department $13,837.45
  • West Ridge Fire Department $15,000.00

Agreements must be submitted by the recipients to complete the process. The deadline to submit the grant agreements is July 1, 2021.

In addition to this annual grant program, many of the listed companies and departments also received pandemic relief money in October 2020 thanks to a COVID-19 response program Bizzarro championed in the PA House of Representatives. Bizzarro urges residents to contact his Erie office at 814-835-2880 for help identifying state grant funding opportunities.