Rep. Bizzarro support for municipal governments included in 2021-22 fiscal code

HARRISBURG, June 26 – Legislation sponsored by Policy Chairman Ryan Bizzarro will permit municipalities to use American Rescue Plan funding to fulfill their local match requirements for projects under the Public Transportation Trust Fund.

“Our municipalities have navigated shut downs and regulations that change by the day,” said Bizzarro, D-Erie. “Revenues were nowhere near what they would have been in a regular year and they were hit with all the additional expenses of operating during a pandemic. This legislation eases the burden of transportation improvements, and is the least we can do.”

House Bill 1348 — awaiting the Governor’s signature — permits the funding to qualify as a local match for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 fiscal years. 

“Municipalities across the Commonwealth reached out to me asking for this flexibility. This legislation is about helping our communities recover by using federal dollars to meet their transportation needs,” explained Bizzarro.

The Public Transportation Trust Fund provides sustainable funding for programs to help people get back to work, assists those living with disabilities, and supports public transportation infrastructure.